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EXTREME Toothpaste 50 ml 強效亮白牙膏

EXTREME Toothpaste 50 ml 強效亮白牙膏


Whitening toothpaste for stained teeth, RDA 40

強效亮白牙膏,RDA 40


SWISSDENT EXTREME whitening toothpaste is best suited to those with tooth discolouration caused by tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco. Of course, it can also be used by anyone wanting whiter teeth. Patented micro technology whitens teeth while acting highly protective: tooth surfaces remain undamaged. A low RDA-value of 40 provides gentle, minimally abrasive cleaning of the teeth. Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E contents support cell rejuvenation and promote the revitalisation of gums.


SWISSDENT EXTREME 亮白牙膏最為適合那些因茶、咖啡、紅酒或煙草而引起的牙齒變色。 當然,凡是想要亮白牙的人也都可使用。專利的微粒化技術在亮白牙齒的同時,也發揮了高度的保護性。僅40的低磨蝕值提供了輕柔,又極細微的牙齒清潔效果。內含輔酶Q10和維生素E:牙周病致病菌產生的細菌性內毒素,增加牙齦的氧化壓力,添加有助補充養份。

    • Properties 特性

      • Patented SWISSDENT-Formula: Micronized calcium peroxide (0.1 %) and fruit enzymes (Papain and Bromelain) remove plaque gently and mild polishing agents provide a perfect whitening result. Discolouration caused by colour pigments (e.g. from coffee, tea, tobacco) is gradually eradicated and teeth are brightened
      • SWISSDENT 的專利配方:微粉化過氧化鈣(0.1%)和水果酵素(木瓜酶和鳳梨酶)會輕柔地去除牙菌斑,以及溫和的拋光劑可提供完美的亮白效果。逐漸消除由色素(如來自咖啡、茶、香煙)所造成的變色,且牙齒會更為明亮。
      • Protects against caries and polishes the surface gently
      • 防止齲齒且柔和地擦亮牙齒表面
      • Added Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E
      • 添加輔酶Q10和維生素E
      • Sodium bicarbonate neutralises acids which can cause caries
      • 碳酸氫鈉能中和會導致齲齒的酸性物質
      • SLS-free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a foaming agent which can cause aphtha and dehydrates the oral mucosa)
      • 不含界面活性劑 SLS:月桂基硫酸鈉是種起泡劑,會誘發口腔黏膜潰瘍以及使其脫水口乾
      • RDA 40
      • 牙本質磨蝕值40
      • 1180 ppm fluoride
      • 1180 ppm 氟化物能預防齲齒
    • Recommended use使用建議

      For optimum results, brush teeth three times a day for two minutes using the SWISSDENT PROFI toothbrush. To accelerate the whitening action, spray the toothpaste before brushing with SWISSDENT EXTREME Mouthspray. Do not rinse with water.


    • 注意事項

      • 為達最佳效果, 建議搭配Swissdent系列牙刷產品一起使用。
      • 使用後請清洗乾淨,並瀝乾放置通風處。 
      •  置於15-25℃陰涼乾燥處且避免陽光直射。 
      •  切勿大量吞食,使用後如出現異狀,請停止使用並請教醫生,適用於成人。
      • 此商品屬個人衛生用品,由於商品屬性特殊,一經拆封恕無法辦理退貨
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