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BIOCARE Toothpaste 50 ml 草本保健牙膏

BIOCARE Toothpaste 50 ml 草本保健牙膏


Natural Whitening & Regenerating, RDA 38
草本保健牙膏, RDA 38


SWISSDENT BIOCARE has been developed with an innovative, active ingredient combination (biomineralisation) that strengthens the tooth surface and protects against sensitivity - for strong, healthy teeth that ward off new discolorations. Active ingredients deposit in the smallest cracks and thus protect tooth enamel. Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) contribute to gingival regeneration and support cell renewal. Plant extracts inhibit plaque formation and improve gingival health.


SWISSDENT BIOCARE 是以創新、活性成分組合特性(生物礦化)來進行研發──使強健、健康的牙齒來抵禦新增添的染色情形。活性成分會存積於最微小的細縫中,從而保護琺瑯質。果酸(AHA)有助於養份補充。植物萃取物會抑制形成牙菌班膜。
    • Properties

      • The combination of hydroxy apatite, L-arginine, L-carnitine and Elephantopus mollis extract strengthens the tooth surface, protects against sensitivity and prevents new discolorations.
      • 結合了氫氧磷灰石、L-精胺酸、左旋肉鹼和地膽草萃取物補充養份抵抗牙菌斑。
      • Plant extracts inhibit plaque formation and improve gingival health.
      • The natural enzyme papain helps remove discolorations.
      • 天然木瓜酵素有助於去除染色。
      • Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), hyaluronic acid and gotu kola extract regenerate and protect the gingiva.
      • 果酸(AHA)、玻尿酸和高山植物_雪絨花萃取物可再生和保護齒齦。
      • Also suitable for children 4 years of age and older
      • 亦適合四歲以上的兒童。
      • Low abrasion, RDA 38
      • 牙本質磨耗質 38。
      • SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulphate is a cleansing agent that can cause aphthae and dries the oral mucosa)
      • 不含界面活性劑SLS(月桂基硫酸鈉為一種清潔劑,會引起口腔潰瘍,使口腔粘膜脫水)。
      • No fluoride
      • 無氟化物。
      • Without: gluten, lactose, triclosan, artificial flavourings, PEG-derivates, parabens
      • 不含:麩質、乳糖、三氯沙、人造香料、聚乙二醇衍生物、對羥基苯甲酸酯類。
      • Vegan
      • 嚴守素食主義規則。
      • No animal testing
      • 無動物試驗。
    • Recommended use


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